The Issues

The Issues

Voters deserve to know – in detail – what I believe. Not only do I clearly state below my positions on the most important issues that we together face as a nation, but I have provided links to numerous movies that I have written, directed and produced, and books I have authored. Through this, you know that my thoughts are longstanding and real—and that I am not a flip-flopping political hack who says what the establishment and media want to hear. As your congressman, I will continue to stimulate the economy, ensure the protection of life, and work to abolish the IRS – and do much more as defined below.

OUR CREATOR: I believe in God, and am proud to say it.

THE CONSTITUTION: I understand the Constitution and I will use all legal efforts to have it enforced. Strict adherence to the United States Constitution—period.

LESS GOVERNMENT: Thomas Paine said it correctly: “That government is best which governs least.” I will not tolerate big government intrusions into our lives, nor a “nanny state” mentality.
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ELIMINATE THE IRS & INCOME TAX: The IRS is the product of an unconstitutional act perpetrated by our government. Here’s a little known secret: the United States Constitution initially did not authorize a personal federal income tax. The Constitution does speak about taxes, but only in the forms of “apportioned” taxes, and “Duties, Imposts and Excises.” The Sixteenth Amendment “changed” this, but it has been abused—and we can change it back to the intentions of the Founding Fathers. I would outright abolish the IRS. Then, eliminate the income tax altogether, and replace it with a flat consumption tax (fair tax). The only other alternative I would entertain is replacing the income tax (as we know it) with a flat income tax at 15%. Either way, the IRS would be completely abolished. Instituting hefty tariffs on foreign corporations, massive cuts in spending and abiding by the provisions defined in Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 and Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution are the necessary ingredients that will ensure that we don’t need anything more than a flat consumption tax or a flat income tax.
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BOOSTING THE ECONOMY & CREATING JOBS: In 2013, I moved my entertainment business operations to the Paramount Theater in Middletown, New York, wherein I immediately re-instituted having the theater screen movies seven days a week – and brought in top, live comedy shows such as Kevin Nealon, Paul Reiser, Gilbert Gottfried, Larry Miller, Jimmie Walker, and Vic DiBitetto; this type of programming had not been performed in nearly 20 years at the Paramount. My efforts have brought the Paramount Theater and Middletown unprecedented attention, to the extent where even Jay Leno mentioned it on “The Tonight Show” in one of his last appearances. More so, I moved my internationally known Hoboken International Film Festival to Middletown in 2013, and it is now an economic and entertainment staple in Orange County, New York, with its fourth year at the Paramount occurring in June, 2016. Additionally, I have shot several of my movie productions in the Hudson Valley since my arrival. My film festival and movie shoot events have attracted hundreds of film and TV stars to Middletown and Orange County, as well as over 15,000 people each year. Through all of this, I have been credited by media and elected officials with infusing millions of dollars into the Hudson Valley economy yearly, and creating hundreds of jobs. As New York’s District 18 congressman, I will utilize my strengths and abilities in substantially boosting the economy and job creation, to turn around the economic devastation that we have faced over the last several years.
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PROTECTING OUR NATIONAL SECURITY: The federal government’s most core function is to protect its citizens, which is why I support a strong and vigorous national defense. If the choice is to fight the terrorists here or abroad, well, that’s an easy one – we must fight and destroy them. That does not mean I support “nation building,” but it does mean that as your congressman I will use all efforts to ensure that we search and find terrorists wherever they may walk, run, train, burrow, harbor, sneak, snake, or hide. And then bomb the hell out of them and/or use every type of appropriate military force to exterminate their existence.

PROTECTION OF OUR PERSONAL LIBERTIES: There’s nothing more important. Our rights – which were obtained through the intelligence, guts and, in many cases, lives – of our Founding Fathers and the patriots that fought with them are what launched the United States as the world’s first democracy. I have a real record in law, my personal behavior, and my writings and movies, in protecting our personal freedoms and liberties. My first act as a U.S. Congressman will be to author a bill to overturn the National Defense Authorization Act, an illegal piece of legislation that is a direct assault upon the Constitution and our personal freedoms.

IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL A DISASTER: Iran, via its political and religious leaders (not all of its citizens), is one of the most frightening nations on the planet. Its leadership are, in their totality, Islamic radicals who deplore Americans and all western culture. They have threatened to wipe Israel – one of our greatest allies – off the Earth. And they overtly even directly threatened the United States. This country cannot be permitted to develop nuclear weaponry. Unfortunately, the Iran Nuclear Deal, orchestrated by one Barack Obama, does just that. Through this weak and reckless deal, Iran can easily hide their nuclear creation facilities as the “notification” requirements that our government agreed to are just absurd; by the time our investigators enter Iran, they will have moved/hidden operations. Iran will surely have nuclear capabilities unless this arrangement is repealed, which is a vote I will definitively cast as a congressman.
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OPPOSE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: President Obama clearly has thought that the weaker his administration has been on illegal immigration, the more votes he and his softie-liberal allies will garner—because, man, this president has been pathetic on illegal immigration. By providing amnesty, failing to build an impenetrable fence, and advocating for legislation such as affording drivers’ licenses and free health care and education to illegals, Obama and the Democrats (and some Republicans) have catered to certain special interests groups and voting bases. It is crucial for our economy that we stamp out illegal immigration. It’s not that Obama et al don’t get that. The just don’t care. It’s a matter of votes. I care, however, and if I lose those “Obama-type” votes, so be it. That said, as an effort to decrease illegal immigration, Congress should legislate new laws that speed up the legal immigration processes. This can provide realistic hope to those who wish to immigrate into the United States, and serve as a reason for them to wait rather than seek to enter the country illegally.
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ELIMINATE ALL OF THE ALPHABET SOUP AGENCIES: The federal government is bloated and far supersedes its constitutional authority. It should have no role in health care, education, and any regulatory agencies that aren’t definitively authorized by the Constitution. These are the “Alphabet Soup Agencies.” IRS, DOE, EPA, FAA, FDA, FCC, FTC, ORR, FHA, just to name a few. These federal authorities duplicate numerous agencies that exist at the state level. All of the federal Alphabet Soup Agencies should all be abolished, which would save the U.S. billions upon billions of dollars annually.

AUDIT & DISMANTLE THE FEDERAL RESERVE: There’s a popular misconception that the federal government issues our paper money. This is false, as our dollars and coins are actually issued by a small group of massively powerful private corporations known as the Federal Reserve Banks. These banks hold a monopoly over the issuance of our money, and are the primary reasons for the United States’ economic condition. The unbelievable truth is that the U.S. Congress granted an exclusive charter to these corporations to issue Federal Reserve bank notes – our money. In exchange, the Fed “loans” the money to the United States, earning an incomprehensible amount of interest. We lose over 500 billion dollars a year through this nonsensical system. The Fed needs to be audited, and dismantled–and then have its functions assumed by the U.S. Department of Treasury.

REPEAL OBAMACARE: One of the worst pieces of legislation enacted in the history of the United States, ObamaCare is not only unconstitutional, it is a massive step toward socialism, if not communism. This forced insurance bill, which eliminates patients’ ability to choose their own physicians, is opposed by the vast majority of Americans. I get the idea that we elect public officials to vote on our behalf, but when your constituents are loudly screaming – en masse – that they hate what you’ve done, wouldn’t it be prudent to step away from your arrogance and give them what they want? The Supreme Court made a mistake in not overturning ObamaCare, but Congress, by an amendment to the Constitution, can do it. Liberals want us to believe that this is a dead issue; it is not. I’ll move to repeal ObamaCare immediately upon becoming a member of Congress.
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REPEAL NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT: I already spoke of this above in “Protection of Our Personal Liberties,” but this warrants its own category. The upper crust of the federal government (Obama and key members of Congress), the big bank chieftans, and the elite media bosses have orchestrated the silent passage of a bill that permits the president and his military to indefinitely detain anyone without the filing of charges. This insane, dictator-creating bill – the National Defense Authorization Act – is now actually law. Simply, if the president and/or the military doesn’t like what you say, they can label you part of a “terrorist” organization, arrest you and hold you for as long as they want–with no trial nor any rights of due process as guaranteed to you by the United States Constitution. This is not the stuff of a boogey man. This is as real as it gets. The United States of America now has officially fallen under the realm of a totalitarian government. Even the monarchy that the Founding Fathers so feared didn’t have this type of power. My first act as a U.S. Congressman will be to author a bill to overturn the National Defense Authorization Act.

PRO-LIFE: I believe that life begins at conception. Period. The greatest evil that we face, in the entire world, is abortion: mass murders of human lives every day.
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THE SECOND AMENDMENT: I am 100% pro–Second Amendment. I believe that all U.S. citizens have a right to bear arms and defend their property. Thomas Jefferson provided the following wisdom: “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms… disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”
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LEVY TARIFFS ON FOREIGN COMPANIES: Prior to 1913, the bulk of the nation’s revenue came from tariffs from imported goods. Today, foreign corporations sell their goods in the U.S., reap enormous profits, and pay virtually zero tax. Patriotic American business owners are handicapped – monumentally – by stifling state and federal regulations, wherein they can’t possibly produce goods at the same low costs as foreign companies. This problem has further caused massive amounts of American jobs to go overseas. We can easily remediate this pandemic by levying hefty tariffs on imported products. This will result in not only the foreign products costing more than the American-made products (which means the American goods will be purchased at a greater rate), but it will mean more jobs for Americans as the jobs shift back to the U.S. In 1860, 95% of the United States budget was paid for by tariffs. Today, a minuscule 1.2% is covered by tariffs – while the vast majority of the budget is now funded through income taxes and other taxes paid by Americans. For all reasons, we need to tariff-the-hell out of foreign companies.

NO WAR – WITHOUT DECLARATION OF WAR BY CONGRESS:  Barack Obama and prior presidents have violated the United States Constitution in waging decades-long wars, such as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Viet Nam and Korea. All of these commanders-in-chief blatantly ignored the constitutional mandate that only Congress can declare war. These hawks, in a catastrophic abuse of power, thought that the order of just one man is sufficient to send our troops to the hell of battle. Congress, as an entity – but surely not in the entirety of its membership – are co-conspirators in these brazen legal violations as they failed to act to prevent the unconstitutional anathemas. Why would any voter want one person – a president – to have the power to send our sons, daughters, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers into the depths and death of war? Why would any voter want what has happened since after World War II, where every war we have fought has been illegal because Congress never instituted a declaration of war? If a president tries to send our troops into battle without a congressional declaration of war, I will be the loudest voice in Congress against it.
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STATES RIGHTS – SO VERY IMPORTANT: Right now, with the federal government so economically and politically “big”, an oxymoron exists:  a very, very small amount of people have an absolutely massive amount of power. The President, key members of Congress and nine U.S. Supreme Court justices preside over – and determine – almost all the laws that govern us. If nearly all of the powers were left to the individual states, as was the clear intention of the U.S. Constitution, these very, very few people would have very, very little power. This is because the state legislatures of 50 states (which equals thousands of “less important” people) would be making the key decisions instead. To provide the true power to the people, as was intended by the drafters of the U.S. Constitution, the federal government needs a hefty trimming. As a U.S. congressman, I will use all efforts to have the rights guaranteed in the Tenth Amendment enforced, whereby the vast majority of governmental decisions will be left to the states.

OPPOSED TO BANK BAILOUTS – AS UNCONSTITUTIONAL & ANTI-CAPITALIST ACTS: In an effort to curry favor with the powerhouse financial institutions that got Obama elected, one of the first moves he made when taking office was to ensure the continued bailout of the banks—with trillions of dollars. Through a typical Obama trick – the use of fear – the Prez temporarily fooled a majority of Americans into believing the economy would be cataclysmically destroyed if the government didn’t bail out the big banks. “If the financial system had gone down, it would have taken the entire economy and millions more families and businesses with it,” Obama warned in a 2010 speech. “We would have been looking at a second Great Depression.” From the beginning, I said this was nonsense. I argued that the bailouts were inapposite to capitalism, and violated the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution by the government failing to provide equal funds to small business owners. We should’ve let those large financial institutions fail, and let others spring up in their places; that’s capitalism. Not only is America no better off in having bailed out the banks, but those self-absorbed institutions have just used the money to fatten their own pocketbooks and given their new investors – us, the taxpayers – one big middle finger.
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PRO-ISRAEL: The Obama administration has been a miserable failure in its relationship with Israel. This is unacceptable. Congress, as a whole, must generate and implement policy that is favorable to Israel, and override any president who is not a true friend to this very important country. Israel is a great ally, and United States leadership needs to support this nation with unwavering loyalty.

SUPPORT FOR OUR VETERANS: Government officials must honor the oath they took to take care of our veterans. The horror stories we hear about so many VA Hospitals is unacceptable—and it is the direct result of weak, liberal leadership who do not respect the sacrifice delivered by the men and women in our military. No veteran should die solely because he cannot access treatment – not in America, where we spend so much money on health care. Many of the delays are the result of chronically slow claim reviews by the unwieldy VA bureaucracy. This can be remediated by making care for veterans automatic, with guaranteed spot checks to make sure the system isn’t being abused.

MASSIVE CUTS IN SPENDING TO ELIMINATE DEBT: We don’t need more taxes to remedy our financial woes. Nor do we need to raise the debt ceiling. Simply, we need to massively cut current spending—to the tune of several trillion dollars immediately. This can be accomplished by smart fiscal acts including eliminating all of the “Alphabet Soup Agencies” (IRS, DOE, EPA, FDA, DOC etc), repealing ObamaCare, dismantling the Federal Reserve, selling off millions of acres of federally owned property to U.S. citizens, eliminating pet-project spending, never again providing bank and insurance bailouts, and by tremendous slashes in our foreign aid.

GAY MARRIAGE & FREEDOM OF RELIGION: Before making gay marriage legal, the government perpetuated separatism and divide through a blatant act of discrimination. If religious entities don’t want to recognize gay marriage and refuse to perform homosexual marriages, that’s their right. However, gay marriage should be legal, and the government was finally correct in abiding by the Equal Protection Clause and recognizing marriages of all people, regardless of sexual orientation. To that end, while Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton where actively campaigning against gay marriage, I made the first-ever courtroom drama about the legalization of gay marriage (a pro-gay marriage film)…All that said, I do not believe that bakers and dress makers and other business owners should be forced by the government to perform private business services for homosexual marriages if the same is against their religious convictions. This constitutionally violative government mandate is in direct contradiction to the First Amendment as it infringes upon the exercising of their freedom of religion.
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AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: I would like to finally live in a country where there is complete equality. Where there are no quotas. Where one race or class of people is not afforded better government opportunities over another. If I lived during the years where slavery was legal, I would have died as an abolitionist to end that despicable practice. If I lived in the 1950s and 1960s, I probably would’ve marched with Martin Luther King during the Civil Rights movement. But guess what—it’s over. Blacks and other minorities no longer face the discrimination that they suffered in the past. Today, whites are many times the subjects of discriminatory practices, at the hands of prejudicial affirmative action measures wherein minorities are provided favorable treatment from the government—in education, jobs and elsewhere. That means that we’re not all treated equally. I wholeheartedly oppose affirmative action.
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DISCRIMINATION: Per above, I will not tolerate discrimination by the government—against anyone. Not on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability or any other matter that violates an individual’s Equal Protection rights.
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OVERHAUL OF CREDIT REPORTING AGENCIES: We need a massive overhaul on the credit reporting agencies, as they have no oversight. These monstrous giants have a monopoly over what lenders (or anyone and everyone) views as your credit history. They act as if they are some independent entities, but in actuality are just branches of the banking industry. Upon a creditor’s push of a button, a negative notation can appear on your report. Many times, these notations are inaccurate. Most of the time, people don’t even know the false reportings are present. And once they learn (i.e. when they are trying to get a mortgage), it is a tedious, often drawn out, frustrating process in trying to get the false notation off their reports. Rarely, if ever, is there a way to contact a live person at any of the credit reporting agencies. And many times, they never reply to people’s repeatedly-sent snail mail and website-based disputes. Worse, the credit reporting agencies, without rhyme or reason, often refuse to remove the false reportings. Who benefits from this pandemic? Yup – the big banks. They can then use the erroneous credit reports to “justify” higher interest rates to needy home buyers who are on tight time limits for closing on the properties they are seeking to purchase. Also, they can use the fictitious credit reports as an excuse to refuse loans altogether, where such is in their interests. This is an enormous amount of power in the hands of these credit reporting agencies. As a U.S. congressman, I will introduce a bill to further regulate the credit reporting agencies causing them to be penalized where they refuse to timely remove erroneous reportings, institute substantial oversight, and seek measures to destruct their monopoly wherein numerous other credit reporting agencies will spring up to level the playing field.

FREE SPEECH: I will fight, with all legal strength, to maintain our precious right of free speech and assembly. U.S. citizens should never be afraid to speak their minds. There are many ideas that are abhorrent to me, but I will fight – without fear – to protect their rights to voice those ideas.

LIBEL & SLANDER: I will legally annihilate those who commit acts of libel and slander; defamation of character is not protected speech as the same constitutes malicious lies. I have succeeded – and will continue to succeed – in having those civilly punished who commit such acts.

CRIMINAL LAWS: The New York Code of Criminal Justice, the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice and every state’s criminal justice codes (the criminal laws of each state) need to be re-written en masse, as well as the federal criminal laws. I’m the author of some of the most-read criminal law books in the country, wherein I explain criminal laws in layman, easy-to-understand terms. It was quite a task in writing these books because the laws were largely written by people (Congress & state legislators) who simply do not understand the law, having no legal expertise whatsoever. Would you go to your tailor to fix a clog in your sink? Or have your computer tech perform surgery on your back? Maybe have your car salesman build an addition on your house? Unfortunately, these ridiculous rhetorical questions define the problems that we face with our criminal laws, and all statutory laws enacted federally and throughout the states. A lot of them are just badly written, make no sense and have caused many unjust results in courts and elsewhere. I promise to personally remedy this grave matter.
See Kenneth Del Vecchio’s criminal codebook – Code of Criminal Justice: A Practical Guide to the Penal Statutes (national criminal codebook).
See Kenneth Del Vecchio’s criminal codebook  – New York Code of Criminal Justice.
See Kenneth Del Vecchio’s criminal codebook  – New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice.

PROVEN GUILTY BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT: Unfortunately, in many courts, this incredibly important right is completely ignored. You’ve heard the phrase “guilty until proven innocent”? Well, that’s not how it’s supposed to work in a free country (e.g. – the United States), but many jurists operate in that manner. When I was a judge, I took very seriously my commitment to preserving this precious right – that one shall only be convicted of an offense if the state proves his/her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt – and I made decisions based upon the same, never allowing any outside influence to interfere. As a member of Congress, I will seek to enact statutory laws, and lead an oversight committee of the courts, to ensure that this principle is upheld at a much greater level.
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PARDONS/CLEMENCY: Currently, only the president and a governor can pardon a wrongfully convicted person, and only the president and a governor can commute sentences (reduce prison/jail terms). Why is that? The legislative branch of the government should have this power as well—because there is nothing more important than freedom. The president is just one person (and in each state the governor is just one person), and only having one person thinking about these monumentally important matters is woefully inadequate. I will introduce legislation to create a committee, within Congress, to have the power to grant pardons and commute prison sentences.
Watch the trailer of Kenneth Del Vecchio’s movie Price For Freedom. 

DEATH PENALTY: The government executing a person? Not a savory practice. However, neither is incarcerating a person for life. I believe in the death penalty and in incarcerating people for the balance of their lives—but only where two circumstances are present: (1) where they have committed the most heinous crime, murder; and (2) when their guilt has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt, plus where certain evidentiary matters exist in each case. What does that mean? It means that I don’t think the government should be permitted to execute a defendant convicted of murder unless the following evidence was presented at trial (in addition to him/her being proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt): (1) at least two eyewitnesses testified that the defendant committed the murder; or (2) the defendant admitted – in a video-taped or audio-taped confession – to committing the murder; or (3) the defendant committing the murder was captured on video…We can’t take the risk of executing an innocent person.
Watch the trailer of Kenneth Del Vecchio’s movie, Scavenger Killers.

PROPERTY RIGHTS: The right to possess and control property is one of our most fundamental constitutional rights. Regulation desiccates this right. Laws that prohibit property owners from building an 8-foot fence or force them to paint their homes are unconstitutional and have no place in our form of government.

WELFARE: I only believe in “working welfare.” Unless a person is truly medically unable to work, he/she should not receive any monetary assistance from the government except where he/she performs actual work in exchange for the monies (e.g. – clerical work, computer work, picks up trash, etc).

UNIONS: I will not tolerate the policy of forcing workers to join a union, nor one that prohibits unions. In other words, I will fight for all federal jobs to be under a “right to work” status—and try to convince all states to become “right-to-work” states (it’s up to each individual state per the 10th Amendment). However, at the same time, I am completely opposed to any legislation that makes unions illegal as such violates one of the most basic principles of a republic.

SELL MILLIONS OF ACRES OF FEDERAL LAND: The United States government owns millions of acres of land across the country. As a U.S. congressman, I would introduce a bill to sell off the majority of this land—to U.S. citizens only. The land should be sold via a lottery system, at fair market value, to avoid corruption and to meet the important mandates of the Equal Protection Clause. This will serve as a mechanism to raise substantial revenue for the bloated, debt-ridden federal government.

REPEAL FEDERAL LAWS PROHIBITING GAMBLING: The government once again is interfering with our personal liberties to do what we what we want with our money. The legalization of gambling, at best, is a state issue—and should be dealt with at that level. However, the state’s only dealing in this area should be to “stay out of it.” Gambling is simply a personal decision. What’s most alarming is that in a number of states, such as New York, the promoting of gambling is legal for some, but not others. If a company has enough money – and thus political influence – it can open a casino and legally operate. All others – which are the vast majority of people – are not only prohibited from promoting gambling, but will actually be charged with criminal offenses. This is absolutely unconstitutional, squarely violating the Equal Protection Clause.

POLITICAL HACKS: I will not tolerate any legislators who do not understand the law, who violate the constitution, and who are merely political hacks, collecting a taxpayer check.

Read “GOP Establishment Condescending, Liberal and Failing in Presidential Race” by Kenneth Del Vecchio (a column in Garden State Journal).
Read Kenneth Del Vecchio’s novel, The Great Heist, and watch scenes from it.

NOT CONTROLLED BY THE ESTABLISHMENT & PARTY BOSSES: No one controls me, and no one ever will. I don’t “need” to be an elected official. I want to be an elected official so that I can seek justice for the masses, with true, unaffected leadership. I take very seriously my slogan, “A Leader Who Will Actually Lead.”
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